"Art Baltic Spa"

Professional massage courses in Riga

"Art Baltic Spa"
Professional massage courses in Riga
About our school

The training center offers beginners and practitioners professional massage courses in Riga at affordable prices. In our training center, we always focus on practice and in the process of training beginner masseurs from scratch, we “put hands” correctly.

Our practices

We practice all kinds of massage methods that will help to achieve peace and harmony in the body.

  • Anticellulite massage

    The impact occurs with massage actions in order to accelerate the flow of blood and lymph, it also helps to break down fat cells and rid them of fluid, because cellulite is a consequence of poor blood circulation.

  • Honey massage

    A type of massage with use of honey. Most often used as a beauty treatment, honey is also an effective cellulite remover, as honey's properties nourish the skin and improve blood circulation.

  • Classic massage

    One of the most modern methods of prevention and treatment of various diseases. Helps relieve pain and swelling of the skin, also helps to accelerate the regeneration of injured tissues and restores muscle tone.

  • Fiery Tibetan massage

    Fire therapy is one of the methods used for treating joint pain, back pain, as well as in the treatment of arthritis. Fire massage is absolutely safe and does not leave any burns on body parts.

Select the course you are interested in

Classic massage
The first level is 18 academic hours per month.
The course includes learning the technique of classical massage using oils to prepare the body for the process itself.

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SPA Master
The second level, 7 types of massages lasting 2 months - 68 academic hours.
The course includes training in the application of various SPA techniques for both beauty and health.

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SPA Specialist
Third level, 11 types of massage, lasting 3 months - 160 academic hours. In addition to the actual training of SPA technicians, the course includes obtaining a certificate for a work permit.

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How it works

You leave an application on the site

We will call you back and agree on a start date for classes.

You pay and begin classes

Pass the exam and get a certificate

"Find a job you love and you won't have to work a day in your life!" We want you to enjoy what you do and be successful in it.
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Our clients love us
  • Maria Borisenko
    A very methodical approach to learning is an effective practice. The teachers are excellent.
  • Neil Kenton
    An understandable method of learning even for those who speak another language. Everything is simple and clear. Easy to remember if you like it.
  • Diana Sharovatova
    Despite the fact that my hands were always weak for massages, the teacher
    excellently presented information and taught techniques without the use of hand strength, taught the massage technique itself.
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Kr.Barona street 88-k2, Riga, Latvija
Entrance through Dainas street 10

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